Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action (Announcement)

Punchline: Go check out Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action

In part due to the attention my posts on reinforcement learning have attracted, I teamed up with my friend Alex, a bona fide machine learning engineer most recently at Amazon, to write a book about Deep Reinforcement Learning. I’m happy to say that we are publishing with the big technical publishing company, Manning.

Manning has this neat program called the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) where early adopters can actually buy a book in advance and read drafts of each chapter as the author’s write them, and then will receive the full book at the end when it’s all done. This is great for the book enthusiasts and also for the authors, since we get more constant feedback during the writing process and can make changes as necessary before getting to final publication.

So our book Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action is now available in MEAP. As of this post, the first three chapters have been released but the next couple are not far behind. If you buy by June 23, you can use the discount code mlzai to get 50% off. Needless to say, if you’re interested in reinforcement learning and already have the basics of deep learning down, I hope you give the book a try.