Technology and Information: Data Science and UX


There have been countless ideas that have changed our perception of technology. The iPhone, electric cars, and constantly evolving social media platforms have contributed to creativity and innovation in the world. People don’t realize the amount of changes that occur around them on a day to day basis and this is due to our age of information. Data is increasing and information is evolving around the globe. As we create new means of technology that can use this information, there are interfaces that need to be built. Slick new designs have to be made to get people to buy products. To assist with these roles, data scientists and UX designers and researchers are here to save the day. Data science and UX have been important aspects of building apps, companies, and new ideas that make people say “Wow… This is really amazing”. The process of building such things is not easy but the outcome can be seen in social media, the electronic sections of stores, and even inside the latest cars.

Definitions of The Fields

There are fields that assist with creating the many forms of technology that we see today but two of these fields will be focused on in this article, Data Science and UX. Data science is the study of information and its use in our world. UX - User Experience, is the study of how people interact with technology and systems. These two fields are very important due to the many elements of technology that have been created through them.

Data Science

Data Scientists are creative human beings who enjoy hours of R programming and Python libraries. But there is more to their mind than one would think. Data scientist look at the millions of data that is created every day and evaluate ways to make something out of it. Without these brave souls, we would have letters and numbers travelling through databases without means of deciphering them. They bridge the gap between data and innovation. They help millionaires figure out how to become billionaires. They calculate the amount revenue Nike will make in the next ten years. There are many outcomes that come out of the calculations and research that data scientists go through. However, there is more to this intensive job than just analyzing the data. Data scientists also have to present the information that they have and the conclusions that they have come up with. Now this may seem easier said than done. The idea is that the presentation tends to be a difficult task to do and master due to the fact that it is harder for you to lower the professional language of your work rather than actually doing it. For example, other data scientists might now how to do anova tests through R. However, when you have to present that to a manager of a company who has never coded in R, then that is where the communication skills come in. This is also where many scientists have to present their skills of turning their data into presentable formats like bar graphs, charts, and reports. Similar to data science, UX has become a pivotal field for information and data.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) has made many transitions within the past few years as it has become one of the most important elements of creative design for technology and systems. The amount of force that UX has presented in new technology that has changed our world can be seen in some of the simplest forms throughout one’s day. The iPhone is a prime example of this. Do you know why Apple has done extraordinarily well in the past few years. Is there a secret behind the hours that people spend in line to grab the new iPhones that come out every year? One of the main reasons behind Apple’s success is User Experience. You don’t believe me… okay. Let me show you why this is the case. Apple has easily integrated a cell-phone, laptop, wrist-watch, radio, t.v, and other forms of technology into an easy to use singular, sync-friendly system. Not only does it make it easier for users to actually use their tech, it also makes it easier for people to buy it. If I can store all my data into one user-friendly system, like Apple, that allows me to take it anywhere I go, then why would I want to take the time to convert my data from one system or software to another. As soon as you’re hooked onto Apple’s iPhone, you’ll want the phone, t.v., and everything else that comes with it.

Why are these fields important?

These fields have shown their strengths in the modern world, but why is it important for us to pay attention to what they bring to the table? Technology is changing rapidly. The attention span of tech users is dwindling by the day and there are millions of innovative minds coming out of college. One thing that most people want to do is to build a business of their own. In order to create a successful business, one must look at different methods to market their brand and show people their work. There are many technological, important tasks that help with this process which are performed by… guess who?… data scientists. But another spectrum of business creation that is becoming a forefront of the world is digital design. Making websites, apps, logos, social media pages, and other marketable elements have become a must-have in the world of building a brand. And guess who this amazing endeavor goes to? Yep, you got it, UX designers and researchers. UX orchestrates the connections between the technology and the user. I read an article (make blue)…


I wrote this article due to the many events that are occurring with information and data. There have been many advances to technology and we have seen the different ways that society reacts to the gift of technology. Some people help others by attempting to close the digital divide. They help close this gap by creating organizations and programs that help those who want to learn how to use technology and/or get access to it but are not able to. Likewise, we have those who want to create more barriers by repealing policies like net neutrality. As an information science major, I have taken a variety of classes that have taught me just how important information is. It is equally as important for us to make sure that people can get the information that they need without attempting to create discrimination and and inequality.