Data Notes: Winning Solutions of Kaggle Competitions

Winners, tumors, and avocados: Enjoy these new, intriguing, and overlooked datasets and kernels.


  1. � Winning Solutions of Kaggle Competitions (link)

  2. � Tumor Diagnosis - Neural Net from First Principles (link)

  3. 💔 Cardiomegaly Pretrained VGG16 (link)

  4. 😷 Xception Model for Chest X-Rays (link)

  5. 🥑 Predicting Prices of Avocados (link)

  6. 📱 Visual Analysis of Apps on AppleStore (link)

  7. 🚲 The Beautiful Tour de France (link)

  8. 📸 Dataset: NIH DeepLesion Subset (link)

  9. 📈 Dataset: Financial Tweets (link)

  10. 🤓 Dataset: Face Detection in Images (link)

Interested in financial data? Here’s an overview of methods for working with a time series!

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