Year 3 of Data, Beer, & Inspiration

Two years ago, we hosted our first Meetup in NYC. Our goal? Community. We’re still at it today, and our data community is growing stronger than ever. But as it grows, we want to know more about you - and we need your help to tell us!

When we first embarked on this journey, we sought to engage with the vast data ecosystem of the world and unite the individuals as passionate about data science as we are. Be they technical, non-technical, academics, students, professionals, enthusiasts, or other - we wanted to bring them together to share their experiences.

Thirty-four NYC Meetups, 8,000 members, nine US cities and six in Europe, tons of brilliant speakers, and a lot of pizza and beer later, we’re still working toward that goal. Building this network, we’ve met individuals from beginners eager to learn to leading industry doers and thought leaders at companies like Spotify and Slack. But more importantly, they’ve met each other. We’ve realized how vastly diverse this data science community is, and that, whether beginner or expert, everyone’s got something to learn.

As new faces join every day, we want to know more about who comprises this community, and what it means to you. We want to know about your data science experience, if you’re a die-hard Python fan, swear by R, or live for Spark, who your favorite Meetup speaker was or who you’d like him or her to be, if we need better beer, and anything else you want to tell us!

Why? Our new goal is not only to create community, but to foster it. We want your feedback so we can improve our meetups and make sure we are bringing together the people, the experiences, and the technologies that are bringing ML, AI, and advanced analytics to the forefront of a data-driven economy.

To do so, we’ll need your input! Help us by filling out this (very short!) survey. For added incentive, we’ll be randomly selecting one participant to receive a $100 Amazon gift card!

Not part of the community yet? You can join *here. We’re located all over the world - so we might host meetups near you! And as always, if you’re interested in speaking at one of our events, feel free to reach out to to set up a Meetup!*