What happens to your career when you have to retract a paper?

In response to our recent post on retractions, Josh Krieger sends along two papers he worked on with Pierre Azoulay, Jeff Furman, Fiona Murray, and Alessandro Bonatti. Krieger writes, “Both papers are about the spillover effects of retractions on other work. Turns out retractions are great for identification!”

Paper #1: “The career effects of scandal: Evidence from scientific retractions”

Paper #2: “Retractions”

I’ve not looked at these papers in detail but they should be of interest to some of you.

P.S. I’ve issued 4 corrections to published papers (go here and search on Correction). The errors were serious enough that 2 of these could’ve been retractions. My career’s still going ok, but to the extent it has been harmed by the corrections, that would be fair enough—after all, my career benefited from the earlier publication of these erroneous claims.