John Mount speaking on rquery and rqdatatable

rquery and rqdatatable are new R packages for data wrangling; either at scale (in databases, or big data systems such as Apache Spark), or in-memory. The packages speed up both execution (through optimizations) and development (though a good mental model and up-front error checking) for data wrangling tasks.

Win-Vector LLC‘s John Mount will be speaking on the rquery and rqdatatable packages at the The East Bay R Language Beginners Group Tuesday, August 7, 2018 (Oakland, CA).

One may ask: “why share new packages with an “R Language Beginners Group?” (Though, I prefer to use the term “part time R user”.) Because: such packages can give such users easy, safe, consistent, and performant access to powerful data systems. rquery establishes a notation and links to external data providers such as PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, and Apache Spark. rqdatatable supplies an additional in-memory implementation of the rquery notation using the powerful data.table package.

rquery and rqdatatable can, if given a fair chance, be significant R tools. Users are that chance.

If you are around please come see the talk.

Some earlier articles on rquery and rqdatatable can be found here and here.

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