Data Notes: Predict the World Cup 2018 Winner

Welcome to Kaggle Data Notes!

Enjoy these new, intriguing, and overlooked datasets and kernels:


  1. âš½Predict the World Cup 2018 Winner (link)

  2. � R vs Python Usage from Developer Survey Results (link)

  3. Breast Cancer Analysis and Diagnosis (link)

  4. � Generate Kanye West Lyrics using Markov Chains (link)

  5. 📚 NLP with Ethereum Developer Survey Data (link)

  6. 💰 Analysis of GitHub’s Corporate Acquisition (link)

  7. 🔪 Criminal Complaints in New York City (link)

  8. � Kaggle Dataset #1: Medical Costs (link)

  9. 🤹 Kaggle Dataset #2: Google Job Skills (link)

  10. 🤣 Kaggle Dataset #3: Seinfeld Scripts (link)


Technique of the week:

Want to try deep learning in R? This kernel by Rob Harrand uses Keras in R to detect pneumonia from medical images (link).


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