Awesome postdoc opportunities in computational genomics at JHU

Jeff Leek ** 2018/05/17

Johns Hopkins is a pretty amazing place to do computational genomics right now. My colleagues are really impressive, for example five of our faculty are part of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and we have faculty across a range of departments including Biostatistics, Computer Science, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Human Genetics. A number of my colleagues are activitely looking for postdocs and in an effort to make the postdoc job market a little less opaque I’m listing this non-comprehensive list of opportunities I know about here.

Job: Postdoc(s) in methods development for precision medicine in oncology and immunotherapy (single cell RNA-seq, TCR sequencing).

Employer: Elana Fertig and Elizabeth Jaffee

To apply: email Elana

Deadline: Review ongoing


Job: Timp lab is hiring postdocs! We work on sequencing technology and analysis development for direct RNA seq, epigenetics, cancer genomics, infectious disease diagnosis, non-model organism genomics, protein sequencing and all of the above!

Employer: Winston Timp

To apply: email Winston

Deadline: Until position filled


Job: The Goff lab ( has 2 open postdoc positions for a variety of projects at the intersection of computational biology and neurodevelopment, degeneration, and disease. We develop and utilize single cell analysis techniques, including single cell RNA-Seq, to explore cell state transitions across continuous biological processes. Current funded projects include cross-model analysis of fALS, Parkinson Disease, and Kabuki Syndrome, as well as examination of cell-type-specific neuronal plasticity response, and developmental fate specification in the CNS.

Employer: Loyal Goff and Solange Brown

To apply: email Loyal

Deadline: 12/31/2018 or until position filled


Job: The Hansen lab ( is hiring postdocs in computational biology. We are funded to continue development of the recount2 (preprint) project, which involves joint processing, normalization, and analysis of all publicly available human RNA-seq samples. This project combines genomics with analysis of extremely large-scale RNA-seq data. The work is in collaboration with Jeff Leek, Ben Langmead and Alexis Battle at JHU.

Emplyer: Kasper D. Hansen

To apply: Email Kasper.

Deadline: Review ongoing


Job: The Jaffe lab at the Lieber Institute for Brain Develpoment (affiliated with JHMI) is hiring at several different levels (research assistant, research associate, postdoc fellow)! We work at the intersection of genomics, biostatistics, and computational biology, leveraging large human brain datasets to better understand how genomic signatures associate with brain development and subsequent dysregulation in mental illness.

Employer: Andrew Jaffe

To apply: LIBD Careers

Deadline: Until position filled


Job: The Battle lab ( is hiring postdocs in genomics and machine learning/probabilistic modeling. Projects include rare genetic variation, single cell genomics, time series genomics, complex human disease, large scale integrative transcriptomic/eQTL studies, and more.

Employer: Alexis Battle

To apply: email Alexis

Deadline: Until positions filled