Multithreaded in the Wild

Hello Stitch Fix followers, check out where our fellow Stitch Fixers are speaking in the month of May.

Eric Colson, our Chief Algorithms Officer, will be at Techonomy on May 8 and 9. His talk titled “Humans and Machines Working Together” on May 9 at 1:40pm talks about how Stitch Fix uses AI to select clothes for its customers, but human stylists do fine-tuning.

Eric Colson, will be at the Stanford Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering on May 18. His session, “Industry Panel on Design for Data & Algorithms Frameworks” begins at 9:15 am.

Daragh Sibley, who leads our Merch Product Development team, will be speaking on May 31 at the Executive Conference: Value Chain Innovation - The Promise of AI at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Jana Beck, part of our data platform team, will be speaking at Codemania and her talk is titled “Escaping the diving bell.” Catch her in Auckland on May 23rd.

Eric Colson, is giving the keynote at the Board of Directors Center for Excellence on May 23, starting at 7:30am.

Neelesh Salian, is presenting his talk titled “A Compute Infrastructure for Data Scientists” at the Industrializing Data Science, Beating Pipeline Debt and Infrastructure for DS meetup on May 30 at 6:00pm. His talk explains the infrastructure used by Data Scientists at Stitch Fix to access our Data Warehouse.

Eric Colson, is also presenting his talk titled “Differentiating By Data Science” at Rev on May 31 at 11:45am.

Neelesh Salian is also speaking at Strata Data Conference on May 24 at 11:15am. His talk “Improving Adhoc to Production Workflows at Stitch Fix” explains the changes made to help improve the ad-hoc to production workflows at Stitch Fix.

Be sure to join us :)