Can a Machine Be Racist or Sexist?

I presented a talk with this title at the Applied Machine Learning Conference at Tom Tom Fest in Charlottesville (which I also helped plan) last Thursday April 12, 2018.

My interest in this topic started long ago, and I partially based this talk off of my blog post “A Challenge to Data Scientists” from 2015. There are a ton of links throughout, and I included the slide notes so you have those along with the presentation (I’m not sure why all of the URLS aren’t automatically linked, so you have to copy and paste some, sorry.) I’m prepping for another presentation right now and don’t have time to write a whole lot about it – so without further ado, here are the PDF files with the slides and the notes:



Just noticed the link above still doesn’t contain all of the notes and links… I need to figure out how to save that to PDF in the right format from Powerpoint. For now, here’s the full slide + notes view with all links. Just don’t print it – it’s almost 100 pages long!SLIDES WITH NOTES & LINKS