2017 Winners and Losers

At this point it is pretty clear that the stock market was a yuge winner in 2017. So was bitcoin. How did other assets do? Currencies? Energies? Let’s take a look.


An absolute win. With the booming economy, likely to continue.

Asset Gain/Loss
S&P 500 20.39%
Nasdaq 31.80%
Russell 2000 13.93%
S&P 400 14.89%
Dow Jones 26.46%
Nikkei 20.39%


Gains on the long bond, about break even on the shorter.

Asset Gain/Loss
30-Year US T-Bond 3.96%
10-Year US T-Note 0.58%
5-Year US T-Note 0.3%
2-Year US T-Note 0.57%


Nothing much happening – trading in a range.

Asset Gain/Loss
Crude Oil 3.06%
Heating Oil 13.99%
RBOB Gasoline 3.36%
Natural Gas 39.86%


With the economy booming, the industrial metals exploded. The precious, not that much. Still, all positive.

Asset Gain/Loss
Copper 26.22%
Sivler 1.38%
Gold 9.82%
Palladium 54.39%
Platinum 0.85%


Drastic moves (10% for a currency is a lot). The theme being the US dollar losing value.

Asset Gain/Loss
Euro 10.46%
Japanese Yen 1.49%
British Pound 7.36%
Swiss Franc 0.63%
US Dollar Index 8.44%
Canadian Dollar 5.57%
Australian Dollar 7.86%


Some pretty drastic moves in both directions. Lumber is close to all time highs, for example.

Asset Gain/Loss
Coffee 19.18%
Cotton 13.82%
Cocoa 15.37%
Orange Juice 24.78%
Sugar 27.23%
Lumber 50.08%


Mostly red. Food for thought: wheat and corn getting cheaper by non-trivial amounts. To me that’s a testament of what technology does for our food supply.

Asset Gain/Loss
Oats 6.57%
Corn 12.14%
Soy Beans 8.01%
Soy Bean Meal 4.94%
Soy Bean Oil 7.30%
Wheat 14.74%
KC Wheat 17.00%


Just for completeness.

Asset Gain/Loss
Lean Hogs 0.39%
Live Cattle 8.63%
Feeder Cattle 15.11%